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Earcatch Expands to Live Theatre!

6 July 2022

From now on, people with a visual impairment can autonomously enjoy musicals in theatre. An extension of the Earcatch app was launched on the 6th of July, which makes every show accessible with audio description. Disney's Aladdin was the first show to be made accessible, together with TINA the Tina Turner Musical and 14 the theatre spectacle about Johan Cruijff.

Earcatch user Marjolein, who has been blind for seven years now, says: 'Audio description gives me back some of my sight. Going to the theatre used to mean that my family had to tell me afterwards what had been happening on stage. Thanks to audio description, that is no longer necessary. I hear the descriptions of the costumes and set, characters and who is doing what. We can now enjoy shows together and it means the world to me!'